Engagement is an exciting event in our lives. When we surprise our partner with something interesting, then the occasion will become even more interesting and memorable. It will make them feel special in front of everyone present there. When you start your journey with something like this, then the start will be quite interesting and energetic. But when it comes to surprise a person, one may not be able to think of an idea to do so. Therefore, you can follow these ways to surprise your fiance on the engagement day.

Custom Made Ring:

What your fiance is expecting from you is a ready-made ring purchased from a jewelry shop. But if you wish to surprise them, then you can gift them a custom made ring. Think of a design for a ring that will suit your partner. Both of you will feel quite special when your partner will wear a ring that has been designed by you. Thus, you must look for custom made sapphire rings of the best quality at an affordable price. That custom made ring will always be memorable even in the future.

Sing a Song or Dance:

You can tell them how special feel on your engagement day. Sing a song that has some memory attached to both of you. The song that you will sing may not be the best. But everyone will really appreciate the efforts and emotions behind that. If not a song, then you can dance with your fiance on the engagement day. People will adore both of you and give a lot of greetings and blessings. Thus, to surprise your fiance on engagement day, you can prepare a dance or a song dedicated to them.

Tell Your Story:

Engagement Day

When a person you love appreciates and adores the time spend together, you feel really special. The same can be done on your engagement day. You can tell your story to your relatives and friends present there. It can start from how you met, what made you love your partner, what were the complications, and how you dealt with them. When you share your story, your partner will be surprised and joyful for sure! Apart from that, everyone will be happy to hear your story. You can also thank your partner in front of them for being with you in all the ups and downs of life.

Present a Slideshow:

You might have a lot of funny as well as beautiful photos of your partner. Use all of them to make a slideshow that you can present on your engagement day. That slideshow can have a romantic song playing in the background to make it even more interesting. Include all the moments that you have spent together. Let this slideshow or the video look like a story about you two. However, you shall also ensure not including the moments that they wish not to tell anyone else and keep it as a secret.