Aspects to Keep in Mind While Bulk Ordering Blank T-Shirts

You could be a screen-printing venture in need of blank t-shirts for producing customized pieces for your clients or an organization shopping for t-shirts for your next event. In every situation, buying in bulk is an excellent way to save money on the items you wish to purchase.

Buying wholesale blank t-shirts can be easy and convenient if you find a reliable online wholesale apparel distributor. But with fierce competition in the apparel industry, things can get tough to choose and organize. Here are a few top factors you can consider while bulk ordering blank t-shirts to guarantee you a safe and secure platform for purchasing excellent quality products.


Wearing stylish t-shirts is one thing, but sporting something too tacky can make a poor impression. Moreover, you may find t-shirts online outdated in fashion terms.

So, you must always check the collections of the wholesaler on their website before placing your bulk order. Ensure they offer pieces that are simple and yet trendy.

Top online wholesalers feature blank t-shirts in numerous styles. For instance, you will find style options, such as different sleeves, athletic, unique hem types, and missy fit. You may place a bulk order for the variety that meets your requirement, along the lines of your desired style quotient.


T-shirts are apparel that all like to wear to feel comfortable. And their quality resonates with the comfort level of the clothing apparel.

However, the quality of the pieces you purchase, considering their softness and toughness, upholds your reputation. You may estimate the standard from the fabrics the retailer offers as options.

Leading online distributors provide wholesale blank t-shirts made from different fabric materials. While you will find several pieces in cotton and polyester, you may get to choose from unique fabrics, such as organic and 50/50 cotton-poly. Ensure you buy in bulk from wholesalers who use superior quality materials in a clothing label.


You may require blank t-shirts in different sizes and colors, depending on your end goal. For instance, you may be bulk ordering pieces for your office team. Your teammates might share their t-shirt sizes for reference. So, you will look for items in various sizes, best suitable for each member of your team. On the other hand, you may have plans to order items in unique colors to distinguish between your business domains.

Top wholesale distributors display blank t-shirts in various fits and colors, thus ensuring you have ample choices for bulk ordering. Ensure you can enter your bulk order count in the sizes you require and choose from a range of colors for each blank t-shirt type you plan to order.


While ordering in bulk might be crucial for meeting your purchase objective, engaging with a distributor offering a rapid delivery system is equally vital. Typically, you would get the items delivered within a few business days.

Reputed online wholesalers have a page on their website dedicated entirely to their shipping policies and transit times. They furnish details regarding their free-shipping terms and conditions and locations where they offer their delivery services.

Check if you can estimate the transit times and delivery date while you get expedited shipping options. It will ensure you enjoy a good user experience by receiving your ordered blank t-shirts on time.


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The payment terms of any wholesale distributor should be pretty budget-friendly and offer attractive discounts when you place a bulk order for blank t-shirts.

Leading online distributors offer bulk pricing on ordering more than a particular count. You may request their sales team for a bulk quote or check the bulk pricing details applicable for your blank t-shirts order.

Ensure you find secure payment modes, such as PayPal on the wholesaler’s website, enabling you to use the best suitable promotional codes every time you make a purchase.

Return and Refund Policies

Suppose something goes wrong with your shipment, a return and refund policy can come to your rescue.

Ensure the wholesale distributors offer a competitive shipment policy with user-beneficial return and refund terms. Also, the return request submission should be straightforward.

Trusted online platforms remain transparent about their return policies. They state the restrictions, specifying the scenarios when your ordered blank t-shirts are non-returnable. Check when you can claim a refund or request a replacement for your returned order.

Customer Service

The customer support through which you contact your wholesaler to resolve your queries should be highly responsive.

Leading online wholesalers offer excellent customer support. They cover all aspects of your online blank t-shirts bulk purchase, from creating an online account to using coupons.

Look for A Reputed Online Wholesaler

When you plan to buy blank t-shirts in large quantities, look for an experienced online wholesale distributor. While you can enjoy the best deals on all top brands, you can purchase t-shirts, matching your needs perfectly.