Best outfit Choices for Men’s Harem pants

When was the last time you were so swayed by someone’s fashion sense that you made it a point to drag yourself to look for the same outfit, no matter where in the world the seller was, and eventually got one for you? If I’m not wild guessing, the combination of comfort and style of that garment must have prompted you to concede your efforts for the deal. Style isn’t approached in a vacuum. It is dynamic and

constantly evolving. For those of you keeping tabs on the ever-evolving fashion icons,

Harem pants men might have not missed your eyes!

From Justin Bieber to Lily Collins, everyone is wearing these Bohemian Pants. Even

though these are unisexual, men have an edge over women in wearing these,

accounting for their privilege to let loose (quite literally) of their clothing and

accessories- like a Greek God from the 5th century BC.

The sheer amount of comfort you get with this, boy oh boy! Wear these Boho Pants

once, and you will be taken aback by how wonderful they feel.

Before getting down to ACTUALLY buying these, let us first look at the various ways

in which men can style these, shall we? Alrighty!

1. With Oversized Shirts and Sweatshirts


Men’s Harem Pants are distinguished for their stylish yet easy-going appeal. When shopping, stick to neutral colors like ivory, white, and pastels, with a dash of the leather press or animal print replete. Thereafter, the most common way to dress the bohemian pants is to pair them with a street-style, extra-large and loose t-shirt. This would not only help you achieve a lighthearted image on the outside, but it will also encourage positivity on the inside. Now, whether you’re prepping for a meet-cute with your date or a late-night Zoom call, keep these tips at the back of your head! If you

want to, use your accessories to showcase your style in casual wear.

The best feature about harem pants is how simple it is to pair them with a white

business shirt and still not appear sloppy.

Tan look? Check.

Neutral colored harem pants? Check.

Tuck-in, oversized T-shirts? Check.

Can I wear this with hoodies as well? Check!

What are you waiting for, then? Go grab a pair NOW.

2. With Asymmetrical Tops


If you appreciate loose-fitted crop tops with a bucket hat or dad sneakers, then

Geometric/ Asymmetrical shirts with Bohemian Pants is the way to go!

Style your favorite pair of Harems with a beige or solid-colored crop top (or even tops with uneven edges will do wonders) and let the splendor of the Harem Pants come out

to the fullest!

PRO TIP: Keep your pendants to the minimum and style yourself with leather wristbands and a Miansai Hook Bracelet instead. Man, it’s always amazing to keep

pushing your boundaries a little more than yesterday!

3. The Nomad Style- Accessorize  Yourself


Flash tattoos are a good headstart for your hands if you’re planning on wearing an open, sleeveless caftan while preparing for acing that bedouin look because… let’s face it,.. because you OBVIOUSLY cannot resist the combination, I can assure!

A Kimono or a wrap teamed with the Bohemian Pants when worn with open sandals

speaks volume about how elegantly aesthetic you are.

Silk Kimonos aren’t just confined to women’s wardrobes anymore, and the same is with a brocade caftan. The point of saying this is to remind you that it’s time you ditch all for your pair of denims for the Harem Pants because THEY-GO-ALONG

WITH-EVERYTHING! (especially with dye-tees, try them ASAP)

4. The Traditional Indie Way


With the festive season approaching, now is the opportunity to go for harem pants in swirl or flower prints for a carnival, hippy, and bohemian look. Wear your peacock print Harem trousers with a bulky mesh chain and you’ll never whine! Go

thrifting, dress in layers, get creative, acquire flexible knitwear, wear a Bandana, and with a finishing touch of a thick mesh chain- your peacock print Harem pant is all yours. You can go shirtless with them in your Boho fest. Also, the more Figaro chains

you have, the merrier!

On any big or small festival, traditional full-sleeve tops in bright colors and breezy fabrics would practically go in line with a pair of Harem pants. If you’re from India, you won’t be able to fully enjoy Diwali without rocking a flared Golden Kurta and a

pair of Harem Pants this year. Make a note of it and save the date!

5. Replace Yoga Pants with Boho Pants


Who thought you could well be stylish and comfortable at the same time?

Now that you’re aware of it, the next Boho pants advice you should follow is to replace it with your regular Yoga trousers. A Yogi would agree that Harem Pants offer a wonderful texture to your exercises and inversions, which would no longer be

inhibited by your pants slipping if you switch to Harem.

Yoga backpacks and yoga mat straps are ideal yoga accessories to pair with harem

pants. These not only add flair to your yoga mat but also make it easy to handle.

Yoga wristbands can also be used to enhance the spiritual aspect of your activities

while also making you seem bohemian & eclectic.

Final Words

Make your Harem pants the central focus of a celebration by using bright colors and

prints, and keeping the upper torso as simple as possible.

Wearing harem pants can make any chore comfier and more elegant, whether it’s cooking supper, watching the third season of YOU on Netflix, or assisting the kids with their studies. And, as previously stated, harem pants are increasingly being worn

in staff meetings as well as in other places in the public.

The Bohemian pants may be traced back to the 1990s when they were created with the ‘comfort’ factor in mind. While these off-duty yet trending looks have been labeled as “casual clothing” for the most part, it’s high time we broadened its scope to include picnics and beach getaways on the list. On a scale of 1 to 10, I would give Harem Pants for Men a 100 since they are “so fetch, Regina!” as Gretchen Wieners would put it.