Reed & Oil Diffusers Online Things to Know

Knowing the different brands to consider when looking for reed diffusers and luxury candles is not enough. It’s great that you already have some basic information on the best brands, but if you know what to look for, you’ll have more options to choose from. These are some of the things you need to know about this.

1. The Number Of Reeds

We are looking for the best reed diffusers for large rooms, so it makes perfect sense to look for products with more reeds. For those of you who have no idea why this is important, more reeds mean you can diffuse more scent and fragrance in the room.

For a normal bedroom, it would be enough to use 5 to 8 reeds. However, if you plan to use it in a larger room, 10 or more reeds will be needed. The more reeds you add, the thicker the fragrance will be, so a larger room would need more reeds to make sure the fragrance is noticeable.

Also, you have to remember that using more reeds would consume the oil faster. If you saw a reed diffuser that says it can last up to 8-12 weeks, you are using a standard room as a base. If you want to use it in a larger room, it will only take 5-7 weeks.

2. The Thickness Of The Reeds

In addition to the number of reeds, you should also check the thickness. Thicker reeds could give off more odor compared to two thinner reeds. It is advisable to use thicker reeds than to use more reeds. It also has something to do with the effectiveness of releasing the fragrance in your room.

3. Bottle Opening Size

Most of you are probably wondering why bottle opening size matters. This is actually very important because a larger opening size means it will be able to accommodate more reeds. If the size of the opening is very small, how can you make your large room fragrant?

You should look for an oil container that can hold more than 10 reeds at a time. This would ensure that your large room is completely filled with fragrance.

4. Thickness Of Essential Oil

If you are buying a reed diffuser and essential oil separately, be sure to check the thickness of the oil before purchasing. If you plan to use it for a small room, lighter oil will work. But, if you plan to use it in a larger room, you will need thicker essential oils.

Apart from this, be sure to choose only the fragrance that you like. Don’t decide just because a friend suggested it. You should check essential oils and check their fragrance before purchasing.

5. Price

Although reed diffusers are not too expensive, you should at least check the price. Getting a cheaper reed diffuser is not always a good option. You have to balance the features and the price if you want to buy the best one.

There are reed diffusers that are too expensive and there are also some that are too cheap. Please balance before buying.


With all the products we have listed above, diffuser Australia is probably the best on the list. One of its strengths would be its long-lasting aroma. It can last up to 3 months or 12 weeks, which is quite surprising if you use it for a standard room.

It also means that it would last for several weeks if you are going to use it for a large room. Make sure you read the buying guide before buying one so you don’t make a mistake and waste your money.