compact hairbrush is a must-have in every woman’s beauty accessories. You should never leave home without one because you just don’t know when the wind will tangle your hair, you’ll need to fix a few strands, or you’ll want to freshen up before meeting friends.

Sometimes you need more than a brush, though. You need a mirror too. Whether you need to touch up your makeup, look at your hair, or check your contacts – a good mirror is something we all need.

What if you could have both in one product? The Macaron for Hair travel hairbrush is the best on the market. Check out the top reasons we love this cute little brush.

It’s Cute

Okay, we’ll say it again – this compact brush is adorable. When it’s closed, it looks like a macaron. Sure it may make you crave delicious macarons, but it’s cute little style is a conversation-starter for sure.

It Stores Easy

If you aren’t into the huge purses that look like they carry everything but the kitchen sink, you need something small enough to throw in your purse, but big enough to do a good job. The Macaron for Hair travel brush is petite enough to fit in your purse but strong enough to handle any type of hair.

It’s Great For All Hair Types

Curly, straight, wavy, or something in between – all women love the Macaron for Hair travel brush. Whether you brush thin, straight hair, long wavy hair, or something in between, this little brush will work magic on your hair.

The only hair it’s not suitable for is thick curly hair.

 It’s A Whimsical Gift

Who wouldn’t love to receive something that looks like a delicious macaron cookie? It makes the most delectable gift as your recipient first opens it and wonders if it’s a cookie? Then most women giggle with delight when they realize it’s a compact hairbrush with a mirror. The texture even feels like a real cookie, making it the cutest gift to give the special women in your life.

It Stays Clean

Hairbrushes get dirty often, believe it or not. It’s not just your hair that makes them dirty, but when you throw an uncovered brush in your purse, beach bag, or gym bag, it picks up the lint, dust, and debris in your purse too.

The Macaron for Hair travel brush is completely covered, which women love. You don’t have to wonder if you’re throwing lint in your hair even dirt. Enjoy a clean hairbrush that of course, is so cute that you will want to pull it out wherever you are just to show it off.

The Large Mirror

Most compact mirrors are seriously compact. While you don’t want to carry a huge mirror in your purse, you want something you can see in well enough. The mirror inside the Macaron brush is the perfect size – not too big and not too small.

It Travels Anywhere

The Macaron for Hair travels anywhere you want to go. Headed to the gym? Throw it in your gym bag. Going on a trip? Throw it in your carryon. Always carry a brush with you? Keep it in your purse. The travel hairbrush is lightweight and easy to bring wherever you go.

Check out the cutest selection of travel hairbrushes today. The Macaron for Hair comes in six different colors, making it easy to pick one (or a few) that match your purse color, are in your favorite color or why not have one for every day of the week?

Have some fun and put something sweet in your purse, gym back, or give as a gift to your besties, mom friends, and relatives. The Macaron for Hairbrush is cute, sweet, and the perfect addition to any woman’s beauty routine.