How To Look Fantastic In Under Armour Sideline Gear

Under Armour sideline gear is great enough looking to make anybody look fantastic, all you have to do is wear it. However, if you want to look even better than everybody else make sure you wear the Texas Tech Red Raider gear and represent your team. There is no easier way to gear up than to visit the ultimate fan website at

Wreck ‘Em Tech!

Red Raider Outfitters started a trend In the early ‘90s. “Wreck ‘em Tech!” It didn’t take long for Texas Tech to adopt this phrase for itself and grow into a yearly tradition. Today after all these years the tradition carries on and invites every fan to partake in wearing the current Gameday t-shirts throughout the season.

A Little History

Texas Tech Red Raiders football has been around for a long time. Their first game was on October third, 1925. This was almost, not quite, one hundred years ago! They hit a little bit of a rough spot at first because there was a referee that had carried a grudge against them because he couldn’t make the head coach. This caused some friction and even a bad call in the last seconds of a game. Ever since then have been playing strong and competing with the best game after game, year after year.

Fanatical Fanfare

Showing up for the Red Raiders at this time is a big help for them. Let them know that you are still rooting for them in every way that you can. Sporting the latest and greatest apparel is an awesome way to show your support, and let everybody else know who your team is. Whether they like it or not. You can even yourself and others safe with a Red Raider face mask that is made to scream to the world just how much of a fan you are.

Facemask T-Shirt Combinations

Since you’re going to wear a facemask, you may as well take the extra steps needed to match the outfit. It has never been easier to get a matching combination that not only looks amazing but helps protect life too.

Astounding Headgear

Being a part of the team can work in many ways. Of course, wearing the shirts and the mask is part of it, but having a great hat to go with the outfit is just like icing on the cake. Red Raider Outfitter has a huge assortment of great looking Red Raider hats that will fit most anybody’s style. Ball caps, head-warming beanies, and even the well-known sun visors are available with tons of different colors and styles.

Look Even Better

To look great it takes a bit more than to just wear cool clothes. You have act great too. Show some compassion and respect towards people and don’t be a jerk. In these crazy times, there are a lot of people suffering from various maladies and issues, if you do your part to make things less ugly you end up being part of the greater good. That, in itself, is fantastic.