What Is Customized Clothing?


Custom costumes are those that are clearly designed according to the request of the buyers. The buyer provides the manufacturer, designer, or tailor with the details to make the custom garment, and the garment is tailored to their needs.

For example, a customer might need a picture of their loved one on a T-shirt.  He will give the picture to the designer who will design the T-shirt which will have the picture on it.  Or a user may need something written or a special type of sewing that is not available.

Thus, all garments specially designed to meet the needs of a particular garment are called custom garments.

Custom Apparel Uniforms are usually required for sports teams, schools, hospitals, etc. NGOs often use them for charities, gifts, etc.

It’s a way to promote your brand through this type of clothing. As such, it meets the dual need of clothing and branding.

The variety of fabrics available can be used for custom clothing. Before we move on to our discussion of the types and uses of custom clothing, let’s talk about them briefly.

Custom Clothing Types

There are basically four types of custom apparel: screen printing, embroidery, digital printing and tackle towels. Let’s take a look at these customized clothing types.

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Spot Color Screen Printing

Spot color screen printing is the most common method of printing clothing.  Colors are used in this printing stock and printing is done with a stencil.  This type of printing is usually done on dark colored fabrics.

This type of screen printing produces large amounts of ink. The thickness of the print depends on the amount of ink used for printing.

Spot color screen printing is mostly used to print logos on T-shirts. This is because the logo usually requires fewer colors than other printing.

Grayscale Printing

Grayscale printing is a combination of white and black.  Only black ink with white is used to give a different gray color.

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This is an economical way to print black and white images on light colored fabrics.

CMYK Printing

CMYK means C-cyan, M-magenta, Y-yellow and K-key (black). CMYK printing is done using these four colors.

This is a complex method of printing.  CMYK printing can be done manually, but for best results, you will need a printing press.

Halftone Printing

Halftone printing is a reprographic technique for printing garments. Different colors can be used in this printing but these prints are mostly done as dots.  These dots can vary depending on the size or location, which gives the garment a unique look.

Duotone Printing

Duotone printing is another name for multitone printing.  A maximum of four colors are used in this type of printing.  But for duotone printing, you need automatic machinery unlike CMYK, where printing can be done manually.

The Process of mock Printing

Duplicate printing process, commonly called ‘SIM process’, is used to print detailed images, which is heavy on the gradient.  This type of printing can be done on both light and dark colored fabrics.  You can print using at least two colors.  But usually 6-10 colors are used for this printing.


The custom garment industry is evolving on a large scale and could change the way we think about retail fashion forever.  Observers are taking note, and it’s really a question of who will be the first to state and make custom clothing a new standard in the industry.