Nowadays, many companies offer the possibility of enjoying the experience of walking on water. For this they have giant balls that inflate and allow a person to enter inside. Thus, these can float on the water and the person enjoys walking on the surface.

These giant balls are made of transparent colored plastic, it is thin but quite resistant. They have an approximate size of 2 meters. The balls have a zipper that allows them to be opened for the person to enter, and then closed to prevent water from entering.

The person who wants to enjoy this experience must get inside the plastic ball. Then, those in charge will supply air to the ball by means of a pump. The amount of air must be controlled so that the person can breathe without problems. Likewise, manufacturers recommend using them only for 15 to 30 minutes, since afterwards you may be short of air.

When finished, they close it completely with a hermetic seal. With these balls you can walk on different surfaces, such as: grass, ice and water.

Why is it Dangerous?

the us consumer product safety commission (cpsc) explains that oxygen can be depleted inside the ball, and dangerous levels of carbon dioxide (exhaled by humans) can be reached in a matter of minutes. people with medical conditions, such as heart or lung and breathing problems, may be at higher risk of harm.

another problem is that the ball does not have an emergency exit; the closure can only be opened from the outside, therefore, people can become trapped inside the sphere, increasing the risk of injury or death. if the ball strikes out or breaks, the members could drown. in addition, the ball does not contain protective pads, and whoever goes inside it can be injured when hitting a hard surface or a passenger in another sphere.

Two Cases

The commission received two reports of injuries caused by this activity where two young children were injured: last year, a 5-year-old girl fainted inside a ball for a short period (probably due to lack of oxygen), and a small boy was he fractured his arm when he fell, inside the ball, from an elevated pool to the ground.

According to the manufacturers their products are safe if used correctly. A certain manufacturer offers 30 minutes of oxygen inside the ball, and in the walks 7 to 10 minutes. A proposal made to the manufacturers is that they install a handle inside the ball to open it from the inside, but there is still no answer. For now, the ball has been banned in some states or permits to use it have been denied.

Why is it Dangerous To Use These Giant Balls?

Giant balls can be good entertainment, but the truth is that they are very dangerous. The person inside the ball may suffocate. Although there is oxygen inside the ball, it can run out in a short time. Carbon dioxide levels, which are exhaled by people, can go up. This can be very risky.

The danger is much greater for people who suffer from diseases or disorders that affect their respiratory or cardiac systems. On the other hand, these balls have an airtight seal that can only be manipulated from the outside. In other words, the person who is inside is literally “locked up.” They do not have an emergency exit.

In addition, in the event that the ball suffers damage, which may be possible despite the plastic being resistant, it could begin to leak water into the interior and the person could drown. Or even on the ground, people who go inside can suffer blows since these balls do not have pads that provide protection.