Digital Commerce Strategies To Keep Your Audience Interested

According to studies, there are 2.14 billion online shoppers worldwide. However, although it may seem that target audiences can easily be reached on the digital platform, this is not always the case. In fact, during the third quarter of 2020, only 2.17% of eCommerce visits were converted into purchases. This only indicates that it is still crucial for eCommerce wholesale businesses to optimize their digital presence and enhance their commerce strategies to keep their audience interested in all stages of the buying process.

Strategies to Keep Audiences Interested

1. Site Personalization

Personalization is a technique used by businesses to keep track of what customers viewed or visited on their website, allowing them to make buying suggestions based on the previous behavior, like past purchases, and real-time data. This process is crucial in keeping audiences interested, as product recommendations based on their likes and preferences are given, triggering them to make a purchase. In fact, according to reports, 59% of online shoppers find it easier to browse interesting products on personalized retail stores, while 45% are more likely to shop on a site that offers personalized recommendations.

2. Reward Loyal Customers

Rewarding allows online businesses to not only increase their future sales, but also reach out to more buyers while keeping a healthy base of return customers. When loyal customers are rewarded, they tend to purchase more and make referrals, allowing brands to retain their presence in the market. There are many ways to reward customers. For example, eCommerce fashion distributors use a point-based program where regular buyers can redeem discounts, free shipping rates, and free gifts upon reaching a particular score.

3. Content Marketing

Content marketing enables audiences to receive new and relevant information in such a way that will make them feel more connected with the brand. This sparks their interest in a particular product, especially with a proper call-to-action. For example, fashion distributors can write contents on current fashion trends, illustrating to their target audience why they are a competitive source of retail clothing.

However, to ensure that one is truly engaging customers rather than wasting their time on irrelevant matters, it is vital to consult marketing experts, and research on current market trends and customer behaviors to determine what the target audience currently finds relevant. The use of Pareto’s 80/20 rule, which means that promotions should comprise 80% informational content and only 20% of promotional content, is also a best practice.

4. Social Media Marketing

Social media can be a very powerful tool for online businesses, as it allows them to communicate with their customers in a personal, yet public way. Through this, they can generate engagement and interaction, boost website traffic, and enhance customer base.

To ensure that they can achieve a rich online presence through social media, eCommerce wholesale businesses should use various platforms and diversify their contents while maintaining a solid tone to send a consistent, yet interesting message to all types of customers.

The Next Step to Enhancing Digital Commerce Strategies

Keep your audience interested and reduce bounce rates by engaging in an online platform that invests in site optimization and personalization for better shopping experiences. If you are an eCommerce wholesaler or an online fashion retailer, reach out to Kingpin and go on with the next step in enhancing your digital commerce strategies.