CBD Dosage Calculator & Chart: How Much Should I Take?

If you are a beginner, you need to know about dosage calculators to count your doses. If you are a beginner, you must try with a low dosage and gradually build on it. There are mainly 2 things on which the dosage varies – the concentration of the product you are using and your body weight.

Though there are no huge side effects of CBD Edibles for sleep, you need to be careful, especially if you are under any medication. Start from a low dose and build up to see which dosage suits your body.

What is a Regular CBD Dosage?

The usual dosage most people swear by is 20-40mg in each dose, though you can start with as low as 1mg a dose. Also, you can go as high as 100mg per dosage of CBD. So, first, see the type of product you are using and its concentration. If the strength is higher, you only need a few drops, but much more if the concentration is low.

The ideal dosage for each person varies, even if they are of the same weight as everyone’s body reacts differently. So it depends on the size, weight of the person, his tolerance to CBD, how serious is the condition he is taking CBD for. Plus, people’s body reaction and chemistry with the concentration of the product he is using. If you don’t want to get confused about the dose every time you take CBD, then you can try CBD gummies which come in fixed dosages. You just need to take care of the dose when you buy them.

Dosage for Anxiety

If you are trying to treat your anxiety with CBD, go for a moderate to high dosage. Also, some people are sensitive enough, and their bodies react to a small amount of CBD. So, here for anxiety, start with a mild dosage; if it doesn’t show any effects, higher up the dosage a bit.


Depending on their weight, people generally get benefits in moderate to high doses only. If you are too determined to fight your anxiety, take CBD in the morning, even before your tea or coffee. Then, repeat your dosage at lunchtime or 30-60 minutes before any activity that can angst you.

Dosage for Pain

In this case, the severe the pain, the higher the dosage. For example, for small arthritis pain, or mild low back pain, or PMS cramps, take a mild to moderate dose. But if the pain is grave, like cancer pain, nerve pain, or the pain in multiple sclerosis, go for high dosage.

As everyone’s body is different, so people realize the effects just sometime after taking it, while others need to continue it for some days or weeks to experience the effects. Generally, inflammatory pain, pain from endometriosis, or cancer pain takes longer to subside with CBD.

Dosage for Better Sleep

CBD improves both the quality of sleep and the amount of sleep time as well. A high dose of CBD is very effective and beneficial for a great night’s sleep. A low dose counts for 10 mg and will give a restoring effect, while a higher dose of 20mg will be much more sedative.

So, the more oil you use, the higher sedation effect you will get, thus better the sleep. Moreover, some CBDs are specially designed to improve sleep, like the oils that contain linalool, lavender, bisabolol, or myrcene.

Dosage to Fight Depression


There are perfect or suggestive doses for this, so you need to do some trial and error before finding your suitable one. Also, don’t expect some miraculous disappearance of your depression after intaking CBD, as the disease has taken time to build and will take time to recover. Instead, modify your lifestyle and continue the CBD dosage for weeks to months, and you will get benefits.

Continue with mild to moderate doses for some weeks before levitating to higher doses.

Dosage Calculator

Start with a low dose and build up till you find your best dose for your body. If it reacts or you face side effects, lower your dosage, as you might have reached your upper limit. To form a low-strength one, take 1 mg CBD for every 10 pounds (2 milligrams for each 10 kg).

For a medium strength one, go for 3 mg per 10 pounds (7 mg in every 10 kg). And for a higher dose, go for CBD of 6 mg per 10 pounds (13 mg for every 10 kg).

Check with your doctor for more accurate dosages for your body. Also, every product label gives out dosage details too.