Why Choose Wide Fabric for Designing Curtains

Many people prefer curtains to be made from a fabric that is wider than the usual 48-54inch fabric. This is because most of the curtains are made from wide fabric in order to suit different kinds of windows and doors. The main reason for choosing wide fabric is to create a light and airy ambience within the room. Wide fabrics can be used for creating curtain panels, fixed directly on the window frame or hung on doors and windows with help of a curtain rod.

Tiers are pieces of cloth which are hung in between two or more panels to give an overall look of a single curtain. Wide fabrics can create a dramatic effect when they are used as tiers. You can also use it for covering sliding glass doors, patio doors or bay windows. They are available in various colours, prints and designs so that you can customize your curtains according to your design choice.

It is important to choose the right kind of material for making your curtains. It should be durable, lightweight, easy to maintain and easy to clean. Silk makes one of the best material for creating beautiful designs for your home or office window treatment. Curtains made with this material are available in various colours, designs and patterns so that you can have an option to select the perfect one according to your requirement.

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The wide fabric allows you to make a wider curtain than you would be able to from a normal width fabric. This is because the width of the material is greater so you can cut it in a straight line. With the wide fabric, if you wish to make a 220-cm width curtain, you can just cut it from one piece of material. You will not have to join two pieces together or buy two pieces and sew them together to make up the required width as would be required with normal-width fabric.

If you are looking for a unique, stylish and classy look for your windows, then choose curtains made from wide fabric. These curtains are elegant and add style to any room. The wide fabric is available in many designs and colours, making it possible for you to create different looks for your windows by choosing different styles of curtains all made from the same fabric. By using a single, plain coloured material for making your curtains, you can change the look of your windows by just adding accessories such as ruffles to the top and bottom of your curtains. Also, when you choose material with small prints on it, it helps hide minor stains which may occur over time due to constant wear and tear.

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