What to Look for When Choosing Right Sapphire Engagement Rings

The wide selection of colors available in sapphire engagement rings and their more affordable cost make them popular choices for many people. There are many people who prefer the idea of buying a bigger sapphire at the same price as a diamond.

Although you may not know a lot about sapphires, it’s still a smart idea to know a little about them so you can make the most informed decision regarding your engagement ring’s quality, value and appearance.

It is difficult to choose a perfect sapphire among all the sapphires on the market because there are so many types of sapphires. Sapphires differently than diamonds have 4C’s guidelines to determine their value.

The Color

Australian sapphire rings are becoming overrated already, even though they are highly desirable. Many young couples begin to realize this. It is a fact that today many lovers prefer to wear sapphires as a symbol of love, particularly if they are already together.

Sapphire rings come in a wide variety of colors, which makes them more exciting than traditional diamond rings. While sapphire rings are most frequently blue, other colors are available, including purple, violet, green, orange, white and pink.

Among the popular colors of sapphire, dark blue is the most valuable and is the gemstone worn by Kate Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge. Sapphires of this color are popular because of their well-known, classic and elegant beauty.

Sapphires come in a wide array of colors as well, and all of them can be used to make a unique and beautiful ring. As well as pink and purple sapphires, they are also available in yellow, orange, green, and white. Jewelry pieces crafted from sapphires are increasingly wearing pink sapphires.

In order to make the right choice to buy sapphire rings online remember to take into account the sapphire’s color saturation. In general, sapphires with an even color are better quality than those with a lighter tone (less saturated) or a darker hue (inkier).

To ensure your sapphire will not be visible to the eye, make sure it has no inclusions or small defects.

Dimensions and Shape

As you choose the perfect sapphire ring, the next thing to consider is the gemstone shape and size. This is especially true if you choose one of the many shapes available for sapphire center stones.

The most common cut for these rings is the round, oval, or cushion cut. Solitaire sapphires are most often seen in engagement rings. Sapphires are normally round and the standard size is 6mm, which is the same as 0.75 carats of diamonds.

In lieu of the traditional round, oval, and cushion sapphire rings, three stone sapphire rings are an alternative. An engagement ring fashioned with a three stone sapphire is typically seen in anniversary rings and trinities, but a three stone sapphire engagement ring can make for an interesting engagement ring.

A growing number of people are wearing sapphire cluster rings. Clustered sapphire rings can either be set with or without diamonds and are made up of plusieurs small sapphires. A clustered sapphire ring will be more economical than a single solitaire sapphire ring because they weigh less and, from a distance, they will look like one large gemstone.

You should consider the quality of your sapphire engagement ring based on the color, shape, and size of your sapphire engagement ring, whether you choose a pink sapphire cluster ring mixed with diamonds or a deep blue sapphire solitaire.