What Are Permanent Bracelets and Why Are They So Popular?

Some trends arrive with a bang and instantly become the biggest thing, but before you know it, they’re gone, almost as if they never happened at all. Other trends steadily rise up, take hold and stick around for the long haul, becoming permanent fixtures. In the latter category are permanent bracelets.

Permanent bracelets came to fame through viral TikTok videos and quickly caught on as a symbol of love or friendship. If you’ve heard talk about them or seen these dainty bracelets all over your social media and want to learn more, read on. We’ve got the complete guide to permanent bracelets, including where to get a permanent bracelet, what they are, and popular reasons to get them.

What are Permanent Bracelets?

These are everyday bracelets where the ends are welded together, providing a seamless bracelet with no clasp to struggle with — meaning they are on your wrist permanently (or until you break it off). They are usually simple chains and go by other names as well, including welded, zapped, fused or infinity bracelets.

Where to Get a Permanent Bracelet?

You can get a permanent bracelet done at any jewelry store that offers the service, as not all stores will have the training or tools on hand. Some shops may accept walk-ins, but many require advance booking, so be sure to research quality stores that offer these bracelets, check reviews, and find out whether you need an appointment or not.

What is the Process Like?

Getting a permanent bracelet is quick and easy. Most people are in and out in 15 minutes. You simply arrive for your appointment and select the style of bracelet that you want. The jeweler will measure and fit the chain to your wrist and after a quick zap, your bracelet is in one piece sitting daintily on your wrist. The welding only takes a few seconds, and there is no pain, as it’s the bracelet that’s being welded, not you.

And because all it takes is a pair of scissors to cut it off, a permanent bracelet is that perfect balance of permanence without having to worry about a lengthy or costly removal process should you ever change your mind and want it removed.

Why Get a Permanent Bracelet?

There are many great reasons to get these bracelets. For many people, they are a way to honor a relationship. Friends, family members and significant others all choose to get permanent bracelets to celebrate their bond and their commitment to their friendship or relationship. They can also be used to celebrate a significant event in a relationship or friendship.

However, just because pairs or groups often get them together doesn’t mean one can’t fly solo. Some people prefer to get them on their own, whether for the convenience of not having to take on and off a bracelet or to celebrate a moment in their life or a goal they worked hard to achieve.

The bottom line is that permanent bracelets can be used however you want and with whoever you want.