Top 4 Best Unique and Simple Muslim Wedding Invitation Card Ideas

“Nikah” is a term describing the whole marriage ceremony in Muslims, which says you agree to a person to take your wife or husband. Unlike any other wedding, Muslims celebrate marriages as they are the blessings of Allah (God). Like Hindus pray very calmly without any loud noise, in the same manner, Muslims prefer calm and royal marriages. This ceremony is often performed in the mosque by taking the blessings of maulana (Muslim scholar). Suppose you ever participate in Muslim wedding ceremony. In that case, you’d know how they sacredly believe in that marriage where the bride and groom both accept the proposal of each other, and they don’t have any problem taking each other as their spouse. There are not so many rituals in Muslim weddings; however, pre-wedding rituals such as Salatul Ishikara, when they officially announce their wedding, and post-wedding rituals such as Walima. In most Muslim marriages, there should be an Unique Muslim Wedding Cards to invite people with respect & in relation, so their participation overjoyed the whole ceremony. Their invitation card for a royal Muslim wedding must also be royal and contain essential information about the wedding. So here are the top 4 simple and unique Muslims wedding cards Invitation ideas that you can also adopt:

Square-Shaped Invitation Cards

Various square shape cards come in different formats, colors, and styles. The most common colors that every Muslim uses in their invitation cards are green, blue, white, or any other simple but the royal color that symbolizes their sacred beliefs towards marriages.

Rectangle-Shaped Invitation Cards

The common-shaped card comes in different styles, and if you are planning your wedding in a simple and budget-friendly manner, then this card would be perfect for you. It is simple, and at the same time, you can feel the royalty of the card.

Round-Shaped Invitation Cards

One of the most unique cards overall is round-shaped as it has both royal and creative looks. It looks impressive when it comes with a golden or creamy-colored background. It entirely depends on your preference what you like the most.

Scroll Invitation Cards

Muslim Wedding Cards and Latest Marriage Invitation Card Trend for 2021

Another unique style of Muslims card is scroll-type invitations where all the details are written most stylishly and authentically. You can scroll each page in order to read the details of marriage. They are unique yet simple cards as their background is mainly filled with light colors.

Details that every Muslim Invitation card contains:

Symbolic Representation of Allah that suggest God also agreed on their marriage.

Basic information regarding “who,” “when,” and “where” and a quote that says, ‘in the name of Allah, the Most Beneficent, the Most Merciful. The bride and groom’s name and the host of the wedding will be written before the venue, and last, the event venue should be written.

Details of other events like Rasm-e-Heena where only female guests are invited and many more.


The most sacred and religious ceremony in Muslims, “Nikah,” is considered marriage. It is believed Allah itself participates in this auspicious occasion. Without asking the bride and groom for their consent, marriage in Muslim could not happen. Apart from other things, one more ritual is there in a Muslim wedding, which is “Mahr,” where the groom’s family will give anything that bride wants, the amount or any precious thing. Like other weddings, Muslims also have to have invitation cards to show their guests some respect and invite them to the wonderful event. They can be any shape or format, but one thing is common in all of them they have to look royal.