The Different Uses of Diamonds

Diamonds are a girl’s best friend. It is the solid form of carbon with atoms arranged in a crystal structure. The beauty of a diamond has made it among the most important gemstones in the world of jewelry.

It is also among the hardest substances on the planet. Due to this unique property, the value of the diamond is much more than simply being a part of a jewelry set that people only take out during special occasions. The diamond is now used in many industries outside of the jewelry industry. Here are some uses of diamonds.

Beauty Products

The intrinsic value of diamonds has made them good investments for people who love jewelry. Some buy diamond-encrusted necklaces or birthstone rings for April from reputable jewelry dealers around the world. But who would have thought that people can use diamonds to take care of their skin or prevent cellulite?

Products that use gemstones for beauty treatments came into the limelight following a $7,000 facial that an actress had before the Golden Globes. The facial used rubies and diamonds that acted as antioxidants and provide the face with a topical sheen. Another celebrity also used a diamond dust exfoliator to get rid of cellulite in the body. These beauty treatments are beyond the reach of ordinary consumers.

But there are beauty treatments and products that are available to the average consumer. Diamond-infused beauty cream products feature diamond dust that acts as exfoliators to give consumers the exfoliating benefits without passing by a salon. The hard texture of the diamond provides the exfoliating action on the skin. But since it is in dust form, they are gentle enough for people to use on their faces.

Additionally, some diamond-infused products provide a brightening effect on the skin. The luminescent qualities of the precious stone can brighten up the skin of the person using it. Some beauty product manufacturers even use diamond dust to provide heat protection to the hair by incorporating it into hair products.

Industrial Use

Being among the hardest substances on Earth, diamonds have industrial uses. They are used for cutting, grinding, polishing, and drilling. These types of diamonds are typically the ones with a shape and size that are not suitable for use as jewelry. While they may have a similar quality as the ones used as gemstones, they cannot be used profitably due to how they were cut or shaped.

Different industries use these precious stones, including mining and automotive. The military even uses these stones for high-energy laser weapons. Some industries crush diamonds and add the diamond particles into saw edges and drill bits. With this, the saw and drills become powerful enough to cut through tough materials. Diamond particles are also used to polish other diamonds that are meant to become jewelry.

Healthcare Uses

Diamonds have also caught the attention of researchers on their potential benefits in the medical field. But the use is mainly in the use of nanodiamonds or the extremely small particles of the precious stone. These particles are around a thousand times smaller compared to human hair. The structural properties of nanodiamonds and their nontoxicity have made them a candidate for biomedical applications.

More than a Girl's Best Friend: Alternative Uses of Diamonds

Nanodiamonds can also be used to demonstrate the effectiveness of medication used to treat cancer. The reflective property of the particles and their compatibility with human cells made them the ideal choice by researchers. The particles allowed the researchers to monitor cellular processes after patients received cancer medication.

Additionally, researchers are also looking into the possible use of diamonds to help visually impaired people. This is mainly due to the relationship of diamonds with light. Researchers are looking into using diamonds as materials for making eye implants that allow the blind to see. Even as the substance’s hardness posed a problem in the development of such implants, researchers are continuing their study to eventually use diamonds to let visually impaired people see.

Diamonds and Audio Equipment

Music lovers always appreciate good sound quality coming from a speaker. The lightness and rigidity of diamonds help deliver crystal clear sound in a speaker. The diamonds’ hardness allows it to vibrate at high speeds without affecting audio quality.

Diamonds are also used as record needles to provide high-quality sounds. Even as some equipment us sapphire record needles, the sound quality produced by diamond record needles is ten times better. Due to this, many audiophiles appreciate the use of industrial-grade diamonds on their equipment.

Many people may consider diamonds as simply precious stones that enhance the beauty of people using them. But diamonds have many other uses other than being a part of a jewelry set.