The Correct Order You Should Follow While Putting Makeup

Makeup is the new glam for the girls, and things can go wrong if you do not follow it correctly. Especially when you are just starting to learn how to apply makeup, you need to learn each step correctly to get the best results. Generally, there are certain steps that you should follow in a specific order. Here we have curated a step-by-step guide for you on how to apply makeup in the correct order.

There are four different areas of makeup:

  • Eye Makeup ( it includes everything from eye primer to eyeshadow to lashes)
  • Face makeup (it includes everything from foundation to blush to face powders)
  • Browse
  • Lips

So, here is the correct order of doing the overall makeup:

Step 1: Skincare

The first thing you should be doing is hydrating and moisturizing your skin with a good eye cream, lip balm, and then a moisturizer. Make sure the things you are applying onto your skin are lighter products and get absorbed easily.

Step 2: Apply Primer

Although using a primer is an option, it is quite beneficial in the case of oily skin. Applying primer on the skin makes it look more hydrated and luminous and glows up your foundation effects.

Step 3: Brows & Eyes

This is not a rule, but doing your eye and brows makeup before applying any complexion products helps you in giving a heavier eye look. Even if something goes wrong with your eye makeup, you can cover it under concealer or foundation.

Step 4: Foundation Application

According to many makeup experts, working on the foundation and blending it all over the complexion should be done before concealer application. You can read in detail about how to apply foundation so that you bring the best finish onto your skin.

Step 5: Concealer

Although your foundation will cover most of your face, concealer focuses on the face areas that need more coverage. Some specific areas that do need concealer after foundation are under-eye areas, redness, and blemishes.

Step 6: Highlighter

Once your skin looks evened out, you can add pops of colors or some shinny strokes of highlighter. Contouring with bronzer will also add to your glam-up looks of the skin.

Step 6: Lips

The last but not the least step of makeup is to work on your lips. If you have put on a gloss, then apply a setting spray. After that, you can choose an abasing lip color that will suit your makeup look to compliment it even more.