Spruce Up Your Summer Wardrobe: 8 Beach Essentials to Consider

A trip to the stunning beaches in Qatar offers more than just the enjoyment of the cool breeze to beat the summer heat. Here, you can hang out with your loved ones, get a nice tan, walk barefoot along the shoreline, and have a good meal while hearing the tranquil sounds of the waves and watching the sea.

But having a great summer by the sea also goes hand-in-hand with a superb fashion style. A beach vacation is no fun without those killer outfits!

Here are some of the beach fashion essentials and other accessories you must consider when buying swimwear in Qatar.


Swimsuits are a beach fashion staple. The key to choosing the perfect piece among the wide range of choices is to pick the one you feel comfortable wearing.

Still, this does not mean that you ignore the trendy styles of the season. Here are some of the chic swimsuit options worth considering:

  • One-piece with high leg
  • One-piece with cutouts
  • High neck one-piece with mesh cutout
  • Mix mesh and cutouts
  • Vintage and retro
  • Bandeau bikini
  • Leopard prints


Beach cover-ups are easy-to-wear pieces you can wear over your swimsuit. They can cover you up while getting dry and are also your best excuse to showcase your unique beach fashion look.

The trick to choosing the best beach cover-up is to buy one that matches the print or color of your swimwear. Neutral colors like white or black are the safest options.


Skirts can also be a super cute beach outfit. They offer an easy and relaxed silhouette that suits the seaside’s vibe.

You can choose to bring maxi skirts that complement your bikini outfit. Classic denim skirts are great options, too, because you can wear them in different ways, regardless of your top or swimsuit.

Wrap Dress

Wrap dresses are great alternatives to skirts. They are super comfortable, flowy, and feminine. You can wear a mini or maxi wrap dress, depending on the kind of beach style you want to pull off.

For instance, you can choose muted colors like beige or white or any bright color like yellow and red for a boho look.

Beach Shorts

Shorts are must-have beach clothes, too. There are instances when dresses or cover-ups are not appropriate, and pants are too hot. They are also your go-to option when you need more coverage than a swimsuit. More importantly, they can come in handy for doing several physical activities like golfing, biking, and hiking.

The length and design of the shorts will depend on your style. But for maximum use, go for walking shorts, Bermuda shorts, or fitted cargo shorts instead of short-shorts. If you plan to wear yours over your swimwear, consider opting for shorts made of natural materials like linen and cotton because these dry quickly.

Beach Tops

Tops are essentials, too, as they can be useful for different weather contingencies. They can be worn alone with skirts or shorts and layered with a cardigan or long sleeves.

Taking at least one long-sleeve tee is crucial also because it is great for colder morning ventures and shopping. You can also wear it over your swimwear and remove it if the day heats up.


Even if you prefer walking on the beach barefoot, shoes are beach essentials too. Besides investing in waterproof footwear, consider having a pair of sandals and athletic shoes too.

Athletic shoes will allow you to take hikes, explore, go down steep paths, and ride a bike.

On the other hand, sandals are your go-to footwear throughout your beach vacation while wearing your swimsuits, dresses, shorts, and cover-ups. Choose pairs of shoes that are comfortable, match the clothes you pack, and can’t be ruined by surf or sand.

Suppose you need to attend a fancy occasion while at the beach, consider bringing a pair of wedges instead of heels. Wedge shoes offer more stability on uneven surfaces, sand, and cobblestones.

Beach Accessories

A beach outfit is not complete without the following accessories:


A beach vacation without sunglasses is no fun at all. You don’t want the rays of the sun to ruin your trip and damage your eyes.

For a classic look, nothing beats aviator sunglasses in Qatar. But if you want to look super modern, ones with round frames are good options. These can complete your beach attire.

Sun Hat

Like sunglasses, beach hats can spruce up your beach fashion as well as protect your skin and eyes from the sun. You can opt for well-fitted sun hats with an adorable saying embroidered on them to make them more stylish and fun.

A good alternative to a beach hat is a sun visor, especially if you want to throw your hair up at the beach. You just have to wear your hair up, slip the visor on, and you can simply lounge by the shore and read in style.

Tote Bag

A tote bag can transform your get-up into a stylish one in an instant. It is also super beneficial for carrying your other beach essentials while having fun in the sand.

You can opt for straw or plastic beach totes in colorful designs for a more fashionable beach style. The key is to choose the one you feel most comfortable carrying and is easy to wash.

Beach fashion is back on with summer!

So if you are planning a beach escape, now is the best time to buy these summer essentials to ensure a fun, memorable beach experience.