Snazzy Ways to Style White Shoes with Your Outfits

With the growing awareness of health, people, especially the younger generation, are increasingly making lifestyle choices for a better and healthier life. One of the critical lifestyle choices is the shift to comfortable shoes over formal and, at times, uncomfortable footwear, which one suffers in the name of style and appearance. Today’s generation is choosing comfortable shoes and sneakers for their comfort and the health of their feet. Shoe companies eagerly cater to this demand by designing and manufacturing branded shoes for men and women.

White is perhaps one of the most preferred, loved, and worn colours by all genders. A universally accepted and celebrated colour by every culture and ethnicity, white signifies purity, peace, and serenity, apart from looking relaxed and elegant. But often, one gets confused regarding colours and outfits when it comes to wearing a pair of white shoes and whether they enhance the look or spoil it. Well, no worries; we have you covered with brilliant style ideas for your favourite white pair that will make you stand out in the crowd.

Wear Your White Shoes With Style And Panache.

  1. Black and white are two colours that can never go wrong, and the effect is simply stunning when worn together. An ensemble of a black full-sleeved button-down shirt or t-shirt paired with a black pair of jeans or cotton muftis looks fabulous when teamed with a white pair of branded shoes for men. You can also add a blazer to convert the casual look into a bright casual look when stepping out for work or an evening with friends.
  2. Mysteriously chic: Trench coats are associated with spies and detectives, a look romanticized by all men. Wear a trench coat, a cap for added effect, and a pair of serious-looking white sneakers on your feet to create a mysterious look.
  3. The Safari Look: Cargo pants in khaki, navy, black, or olive with a white shirt are a killer look that will make heads turn wherever you go. And do not forget your white shoes to complete the casually intelligent and elegant look. Sling a man purse or money belt casually tied around your waist for the safari look, and carry a blazer or jacket for a more formal look, keeping you warm in the windy spring evenings.


  1. Blue and white: A classic pairing of blue jeans, a white or coloured shirt or tee, and a pair of smart white sneakersThe white shirt, blue jeans, and white shoe ensemble spell casual elegance and panache. You can wear the sweater hanging loose or tucked in with a black or tan belt, depending on the colour of the shirt. You can also add a madras check shirt over your plain white tee to add colour and a macho touch to the look. The white shoes will look equally fetching worn with a checked shirt and jeans or cargo pants.
  2. Summer Cool: Summer is just around the corner, and it’s time to bring out the shorts and Bermudas from the mothballs. Denim shorts or cargo Bermuda with a shirt or polo shirt and white sneakers. A relaxed, casual look will keep you cool in hot Indian summers and even during springtime when the sun is blazing bright and robust during the day. A perfect outfit for hanging out and relaxing or going on a picnic.
  3. Change the rules: Formal wear has traditionally been paired with formal shoes in leather, but with the changing trends, the authorities also need to change for a new look and to break the monotony. Wear white sports shoes with your formal western wear, and wear them with a traditional Indian outfit. A silk kurta pyjama with white shoes, or achkan, and a pair of white slip-on shoes for convenience and comfort look truly elegant and chic. Are you attending a wedding? In your comfortable white branded shoes for men, dance the night away.
  4. Office Wear: Wearing formal lace-up leather shoes to the office daily and running around them can be very tiring and painful for the feet. Exchange the conventional proper shoes with a comfortable pair of white sports shoes to make your days easier and be counted as a fashion-savvy man.