Perfect Rustic Fall Wedding Invites

The Invitation is the First Step Toward the Perfect Wedding

Everyone wants a picture-perfect wedding that their families and friends will remember, appreciate, and enjoy for years to come. An ideal wedding would have extensive planning and organization for it to materialize. The invitation is the first step toward the perfect wedding; its purpose is to advertise your special day, and it should ideally not only reflect the couple’s personality and style but also be distinctive and unique. Therefore, having unique wedding invitations ideas is crucial. You must inform guests of the wedding’s details. After all, it is the invitation that provides all of the relevant information regarding the event.

Choosing invites that reflect both your theme and your taste is crucial to ensuring that your wedding goes off without a hitch. Invitations are particularly significant since they not only officially invite your family and friends to celebrate your love and dedication to one another, but they also provide information about the ceremony’s style. When most people think of fall weddings, they envision a rustic affair with all the hues of the season. Read on for tips on how to avoid the rustic fall colors and create an exquisite color palette for your fall wedding. Your Rustic Wedding can be stunning in its simplicity, and rustic fall wedding invites will undoubtedly compliment your bridal style.


Select a Color Palette According to the Season

There is no rule that says an autumn wedding must be held in a barn, that it must be decorated with pumpkins and mums, or that it must include hay bales in any way, shape, or form. Even yet, if you start exploring for fall wedding design and décor ideas, you’ll discover that 99 percent of what you find is focused on the traditional rustic fall style. You can have a beautiful fall wedding that is both seasonal and avoids all of the fall color cliches.

When designing your wedding color palette, you should always keep the season in mind. Red and green are merry at Christmas, but they’re strange in July. The same may be said for a wedding in the fall. In April, a pastel color scheme like lavender and lemon would look far better than in October. This isn’t to imply you can’t wear your favorite color at any time of year; it just means the color combinations you choose should be appropriate for the season. If lavender is your favorite color, incorporate it into your fall wedding, but match it with tones of deep purple and burgundy to give it the depth and richness appropriate for the season.

Autumn evokes a sense of richness and cosines, which is useful when selecting a color palette for the season. Warm metallic such as gold, copper, and bronze make excellent accent colors for adding depth and refinement to your main color. Metallic colors are simple to mix with other fall colors and may be used to make everything feel more opulent. For an evening wedding, look for elements like table linens with a gold thread running through them, or jewelry made with rich bronze Swarovski crystals for bridesmaid gifts. Metallic ink looks fantastic on wedding invites, especially when coupled with a complementary color like chocolate brown.


When it comes to chocolate brown, it’s usually a great choice for an autumn wedding. Avoid pairing brown with colors like orange or sunflower yellow to avoid the conventional fall palette. Combining warm chocolate with wasabi green can make your wedding posh and sophisticated. The combination is unusual, yet visually appealing. Set the table with chocolate dupioni tablecloths and wasabi green napkins for a pop of color. This combination can also be used for elegant invitations, bridesmaid dresses, and much more.

Another excellent hue for a fall wedding is deep eggplant purple. It has the richness of traditional autumn hues, but it isn’t a popular choice. Eggplant can be mixed with metallic gold or copper for a majestic look. Look for materials in that color that are made of lush velvet if you truly want to make the eggplant look as rich as possible. This is perfect for bridesmaid gowns, jewelry gifts for bridesmaids, dramatic fabric draped at the reception site, bespoke stationery, and, of course, flowers. This color palette works well for both daytime and evening weddings.

Burgundy and olive green, as well as mahogany and cream, are other great fall colors. There’s no reason to feel obligated to stick to the usual fall colors. When planning an elegant fall autumn wedding, choosing the right color palette is crucial to bringing your idea to life.

Rustic Wedding Invites of Your Dreams


Wedding invitations are your first chance to inform your guests about the occasion. Not only the logistics but also the style of your party. You may let them in on your wedding theme, color palette, formality level, and more with the appropriate rustic wedding invites.

You are only a few clicks away from the rustic wedding invites of your dreams. Basic invite is confident that you will find the ideal match for your distinct wedding personality. When designing your wedding invites, make sure to put the most critical details first, such as the location, date and time, time, directions, RSVP deadline, and dress. Basic invite gives RSVP cards that you may customize with the same rustic aesthetic and includes food, plus one, and other options. Keep your wedding invitation wording brief and sweet, but feel free to include a humorous statement expressing your joy at the prospect of celebrating.


We have hundreds of various wedding invitation designs at Basic invite. Many of them have backdrops that give them the rustic feel you’re after. You can set the tone for what your guests can expect on the big day with your wedding card design. Your big day will feel even more unified and well-put-together if you include your theme in your wedding invitation.

Incorporating some of these great fall themes into your invitations will make them stand out, and will aid in the meticulous planning of your special day. So, send out those invitations and put on your lovely gown or a sharp suit. Whatever else occurs, keep in mind that your wedding day will always be great because you are celebrating the beginning of your incredible journey together.