We all know that summer might be canceled, but seeing how the pandemic goes we can still hope to experience some fun. The trends this summer are changing according to what celebrities and designers have in mind.

In this article, we’ll go over a few things that show what these trends are going to be like this summer 2020. Read on and see more on the subject!

Stripe shorts

It’s the summer and the heat is unbearable. Try the new trend that is called stripe baggy shorts. They can be combined with a top that’s going to look gorgeous with them and high heels, or you can go with a more casual variant and wear sneakers. They’re good in both ways.

Linen in all shapes and colors

Linen has never gone out of style really, but this season seems to be especially popular. The companies producing clothes have already made a lot of pieces from this material or as a combination of this and something else which will still be perfect for the hot, summer months. See more about linen here.

The best thing about it is that it can both look classy and casual and depending on how you combine it with something else, you can feel both elegant and casual. Get a hot top and go with extravagant heels or a dress that will be simple and protect your body from overheating.

High-Rise and regular sweat shorts

Wearing standard yoga pants for exercise in summer can be disastrous. A great replacement for the heat is the sweat short which can be made in both ways as the subtitle suggests.

There’s no need for worrying about how you’re going to look in them because they are simply adorable. Of course, unless you’re about to go to a glam party where an evening dress is required.

Everything else, from a regular morning jog to a layback relaxation on the couch after the working hours can be done in these pairs of amazing clothing.

Cotton light shirts with messages

These are popular for the last few years, but this one seems to be rising to an entirely new level. Just like Om and Ah has in their offer. Check out their Instagram account to see how this style looks like.

It’s basically a light cotton shirt that goes with everything. It’s not sweaty and will keep you relaxed because the type of material is amazing for the summer days. It will keep you cool and let the wind breeze go through and caress your body. It’s the best option for those days when you want to feel free and enjoy yourself.

Shirt with drawstring bottom

If you really want to stand out and be a hit when you go out at night, you need a shirt with a drawstring on the bottom. These ones are made to show your belly and will also provide some amazing comfort because you won’t sweat at all.

They usually come with a logo on them or a message that you can make a statement. Just look up the best one for you on the internet and see what the ultimate logo or text message is for you. These shirts are usually very affordable as they are not made from an expensive material. See how this look here:


The most popular colors this season are going to be pink, yellow, light green, and colors that will represent the summer and freedom. The most important part is that the combination of them all is going to be the most wanted and looked for in stores.



When you’re looking for the best option this season, you need to look for the things that are going to be popular among the younger generation. The pieces of clothing are going to be such that young folks will be the bravest ones to wear them without any problem.

Those who are more adult will hesitate, but some pieces will also be good enough for everyone. Just pick the best one for you and enjoy the heat and the freedom to show some more skin than in previous seasons.