Jewelry Trends 2021: What Consumers Bought and are Wearing During the Lockdowns

People did not stop buying jewelry in 2020 despite the pandemic. Although vacations were canceled and parties were not happening, many direct-to-consumer brands actually saw a spike in sales in the past year.

So, if you are itching to purchase more earrings and necklaces, you are not alone. Many people turned to retail therapy to cope with the ongoing public health crisis. While there is nowhere else to go but home, people did not stop purchasing products that they can use once the pandemic is over and once life is back to normal.

It is Personal

The biggest trend of 2020 and 2021 is personalized jewelry. Consumers are moving away from pieces that are used for special occasions and, instead, choose to spend more on customized and personalized pieces. The past year has seen celebrities and social media influencers getting monogram jewelry. Necklaces, in particular, but earrings and rings have also been spotted on present-day fashion icons.

It does not have to say your name. It can be a tribute to a loved one. Kate Middleton, for example, has been spotted wearing a pendant necklace that has the letters “G,” “C,” and “L” which stands for the names of her kids: Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and Prince Louis. Meghan Markle also wore a personalized necklace that has the letter “H” and “M” that stands for her name and her husband’s.

Hop into the trend by heading to your trusted jeweler. You can take an existing jewelry piece and have it engraved with your or a loved one’s name. There are also many options of letter pendants to spell out the entire name or display just the initials.

Back to Basics

The pandemic went on for far longer than anyone thought it would. Nations around the world entered, emerged, then entered lockdowns over and over again as new waves of cases are confirmed. No one knows when life will go back to normal again. That is part of the reason why consumers chose to purchase basic jewelry in 2020.

Basics are resilient to changes in trends. Over time, simple diamond stud earrings or gold hoop earrings would not lose their luster. They will continue to be fashionable in the future when the pandemic comes to a close — whenever that may be.

Basics are also preferred by people who continue to work albeit from home. A single strand of necklace with a pearl pendant can elevate the look but not become too overwhelming when seen on-screen. People want to appear put-together and professional over meetings on Zoom or Microsoft Teams. Basic jewelry can help them achieve that.

Purple Power

Purple is clearly having a moment. Recently, Apple unveiled a new version of the iPhone 12 with no hardware or software upgrade from the last year’s model. The only difference is the purple exterior. During the inauguration of the new president and vice president of the United States in January, purple was also a popular color.

As Vogue declared last year, purple has now dethroned pink as people’s preferred color.

The color is also in jewelry. Amethyst, which has a natural purple tone, is at the center of many new collections. It is on earrings, rings, necklaces, and bracelets. It is paired with gold, silver, and other precious earth metals.

Loco for Logo

The young generation likes to show their loyalty to their favorite brands by wearing pieces that are heavy on the logo. Big brands such as Gucci and Louis Vuitton are releasing collections of jewelry that feature their recognizable logos at the front and center to appeal to the young and fashion-forward crowd.

It brings to mind the Tiffany & Co. heart necklaces that were very popular in the early aughts. In fact, those are back in fashion once again as members of Generation Z dress up in low-rise jeans and thong sandals as if it is Y2K once again.

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And, it does not stop with necklaces and bracelets. The logos also appear on barrettes.

Not the Mother of Pearls

Pearls are also back in style, but these are not the pearls that your grandmother and mother wore.

The pearls that people are buying are the on-of-a-kind Baroques, not the polished and perfectly round ones. Their popularity can be attributed to their more natural beauty, and they are non-conforming yet are still very elegant, especially when paired with gold.

Baroque pearls come in different shapes, sizes, and colors. The darker the tone or the pearl, the more expensive it becomes because it is rarer.

Jewelry has remained popular among consumers during the pandemic. As nations reopen, jewelry will continue to be popular. These are the trends that you will encounter once you can meet with friends again and attend parties.