How to Find the Perfect Wedding Shoes

There is a lot to think about when planning a wedding, and if you are the bride, your thoughts will no doubt be firmly on your gown. This is completely understandable as brides want to look amazing on their special day, and the wedding dress is a big part of this. But once you have found the gown of your dreams, you are going to need the perfect pair of shoes to go with it.

Choosing wedding shoes is not always as easy as it sounds, though. You are likely to be spending a lot of the day on your feet, so you will need to choose a pair that provides comfort. But you will also want them to look good too. You can get both style and comfort with a trendy pair of bridal shoes from the collection of So, what is now left to think about?

Heel Height

If you are used to wearing high heels then you will have plenty of choice in terms of wedding shoes. But if you spend most of your time in flats, then a high heel could prove to be very uncomfortable on the day and result in you being unable to walk properly. If your feet are sore in your shoes, you may not be able to walk gracefully down the aisle.

Although higher heels can create better posture and give more height, they can be uncomfortable if you are not used to walking in them. The good news is that you can find shoes with smaller heels that are just as pretty as a pair of six-inch stilettos, and which will be much more comfortable on the day.

Open or Closed Toe Shoes

Whether you choose open- or closed-toe shoes will depend on personal preference as well as on the season. Most people, but not all, will choose closed-toe shoes in the colder winter weather. That is not to say that closed-toe shoes do not look great in the summer too. The issue of open- or closed-toe shoes is not as important as the comfort of the shoes and really is just a matter of preference.

Can You Wear Flats?

It is your big day, so you really can wear whatever you like. If you want to wear flats, wear flats. Most wedding boutiques will have a range of pretty flats for brides who cannot wear heels or who do not want the added height that heels give them, especially if the groom’s height is an issue.

How to Ensure Your Shoes are Comfortable on the Day

If you are eager to wear heels but want them to be as comfortable as possible on the day, it is a good idea to break them in beforehand by wearing them around the house. And although this might not sound like something you will want to do to your beautiful shoes, it might be worth sanding the sole to ensure they give you a better grip. You do not have to gouge the soles of the shoes, but a light sand will make them less prone to slipping, especially if you are unlucky and get rain on your big day.

If you are wearing enclosed shoes, your feet may get hot and sweaty during the day. To prevent any embarrassing smells, spray your shoes with a shoe deodorizer such as that offered by ShoeFresh. This will keep them smelling fresh all day.

Some brides will choose a pair of beautiful heels for the ceremony and a comfortable pair of flats that they can change into later when the band starts playing and the dancing begins. Remember, it is your day, so you can wear whatever makes you feel comfortable.