Gold Plated Allah Necklace

Feel proud and confident and show your love for Allah with the Allah Gold Plated Necklace. Gold Plated Allah Necklace must have for all followers of Islam. Muslim people love and like this beautiful necklace. In this necklace written the Allah word in Arabic and English languages. Visit Nano Jewellery for more gold plated Allah Necklace.

Allah Name in Arabic Silver Plated Necklace

Check this beautiful necklace with Allah name in Arabic silver plated necklace. This can be used to amplify your necklaces, dangle it and make them look really fancy. You can even keep in a jewellery box. All Muslim people like man, women, boy and girls really love this beautiful Necklace.


White Gold Plated Necklace

First of all, jewelry that doesn’t require you to wear them 24/7, like accessory necklaces, should not be worn all the time. Yes, I know you love it so much, but this does not mean that it is alright to wear it constantly.

Reason being, your necklaces would get dirty very fast. The longer you wear the jewelry, the more body oils and secretion it is exposed to. You don’t want your costly necklaces to be dull and “black” that fast, now do you?

Besides that, make sure that you do not handle any sort of household chemicals, especially chlorine, with your 18K white gold diamond necklace on. This includes swimming, and cleaning your pools! Chlorine is a dangerous agent for any sort of gold items; it generally causes the gold to turn black! While jewelers are able to treat black necklaces, why spend more if you can save? Prevention is always better than cure.

Next, even if it’s fortified with the hardest material around, necklaces can still snap. Therefore, it is best that you do your best in handling it with care. Do keep one necklace in a box that has soft and clean jeweler’s cloth (this is normally provided by the jewelers).

If you do not have that many boxes, you may also hang your necklaces, each one having its own hook. Having your beautiful and luxurious white gold jewelry scratching each other will not only cause nicks and marks, it will also degrade its value.

Another reason to keep your jewelry separately is because diamonds are the hardest materials on Earth. Should it rub shoulders with other stones, unwanted abrasion would happen, and your stones, if not diamonds, will receive ugly cuts that would affect its brilliance.

It is also important that you also ask your jeweler on cleaning tips that you need. Also, take your 18K white gold diamond necklaces to a jeweler annually or so to get it professionally cleaned, to check on the setting of the diamonds to ensure that it is not loose, and to see if your necklace needs plating with Rhodium if it has lost its luster.