Do I Need Special Workout Hair Ties?

You work out hard so you’re healthy and strong, but one thing keeps getting in your way – your hair. No matter what you try, it seems like it falls out or just bugs you while you’re working out taking your focus away from your exercises.

We’ve all been there, but then we see these advertisements of women with perfect hair while working out HARD. How do they do it?

Are their special workout hair ties that keep your hair in place? What is the secret?

Here’s what you need to keep your hair out of your face and well kept up while you work out.

Hair Ties that Don’t Pull

We all tend to choose the hair ties that pull our hair the tightest while we work out. What if we told you that’s not the answer to a ponytail or messy bun that stays in place?

Worse yet, what if we told you this is Horrible for your hair?

Pulling your hair tighter damages your hair – it doesn’t help it. When you pull tight, you damage the cuticles. You may even suffocate your hair follicles which means your hair doesn’t go through the healthy hair phases. Instead, it goes right from the growth to fallout stage, which leaves you with clumps of hair on the bottom of your shower or bathroom floor.

Pulling tighter isn’t the answer and neither is bigger hair ties. Instead, you want hair ties that gently hold your ponytail in place, but don’t pull. Enter coil hair ties. They may look simple, but they pack quite a punch. They keep your hair in place and don’t pull – it’s a win-win.

Hair Ties that Don’t Leave Creases

How many times do you go from the gym to work? The last thing you want is a telltale crease in your hair that you worked out. But who has time to wash their hair every day? Thank goodness for dry shampoo, right?

But dry shampoo won’t take out the telltale creases in your hair that hair ties leave behind. So in this case, yes you need special workout hair ties – coil hair ties that hold your hair in place well enough without the crease.

They slide right out of your hair leaving it looking as gorgeous as if you never had it in a ponytail or bun.

Hair Ties that Don’t Snag your Hair

What happens when you pull your hair tight or wrap the hair tie around it so many times that it snags your hair?

You end up breaking your hair, which probably isn’t what you had in mind when you were throwing your hair up to work out. But that’s what happens when you feel like you have to pull your hair so tight so it doesn’t fall out of the ponytail.

Coil hair ties provide the tightness you need without the snagging. No matter how many times you wrap it around your ponytail, you won’t take any hair out with it when you remove it. They slide right out of your ponytail without any issue.

Less snagging means less breakage and we all want that. No one likes broken hair as that causes frizz and makes it hard to style your hair.

Get the Best Workout Hair Ties for your Time in the Gym

Whether you work out in the gym or with your favorite trainer on YouTube, you need workout hair ties that keep your hair out of your face and let you focus on your exercise routine.

Don’t let your hair cause you any more issues. Whether you already suffered breakage from regular hair ties or you avoid putting your hair up because of the breakage, it’s time to try coil hair ties. They are the best way to keep your hair out of your face while keeping your hair healthy. You’ll never have to worry about choosing between healthy hair and a ponytail while you work out any longer.