There are various fashion trends when it comes to jewelry and one of those is chakra jewelry. Most commonly coming in the form of a bracelet, chakra jewelry is designed, not only to look fantastic but also to work with the chakra, which are energy centres within the human body. There is a large range of chakra jewelry available on the market, so the choices are endless.

What Does Chakra Jewelry Do?

As mentioned in the introduction, chakra jewelry is believed to work the the seven energy centres known as the chakras, which run along the spine in a human being. Each of these chakras has its own purpose as well as having a corresponding colour. Chakra jewelry is designed with these colours in mind. This is achieved by using stones which are the same colour as the chakra to which they match. Each of the stones used within the jewelry is thought to have positive energy properties which can have an influence over the chakras of the wearer. The stones are also believed to be able to trap negative energy, therefore removing it from the chakras and allowing them to be ‘opened.’

The chakras are each represented by a colour and each one can have various effects on the body, by wearing chakra jewelry, it is said that you can realign the chakras and see positive changes manifest in your life.

The root chakra (muladhara) controls your sense of being grounded and issues such as money, food and your general survival. In a physical sense, it takes care of the bones, blood and colon. The colour is red.

The sacral chakra (svadhisthana) is the energy centre responsible for taking care of your pleasure and sexuality. The body benefits with control from this chakra of the kidneys, bladder and reproductive organs. It’s colour is orange.

The solar plexus chakra (manipura) is known to look after confidence and self worth, as well as being in control of physical elements such as the liver and the digestive system. The colour is yellow.

The heart chakra (anahata) is the chakra which is responsible for your sense of love and peace. In a physical sense, it controls the heart and lungs. The colour is green.

The throat chakra (vishudda) takes care of your ability to communicate honestly and opening. It also provides benefits to the throat, ears, arms and upper lungs. It’s colour is blue.

The third eye chakra (ajna) is responsible for maintaining your wisdom and intuition. You body is taken care of by this chakra because it takes care of the face, sinuses and the nervous system. The colour is indigo.

The crown chakra (sahasrara) is located on the crown of the head and is responsible for controlling the connection to you spirituality, as well as looking after the brain. The colour is violet or white.

Fervor Montréal’s Chakra Collection

Fervor Montréal offer a beautiful selection of chakra jewelry within their exclusive collection. For anyone who is looking to align their chakras through the use of jewelry or those who simply like the aesthetic appeal of this type of jewelry, the chakra collection from Fervor is sure to please.

The collection features a range of seven beautiful silver necklaces, each one featuring a chakra related symbol and a coloured Swarovski gem stone which corresponds with the chakra.

There is also a selection of chakra stud earrings within the collection, each of which are a simple yet elegant stud with a Swarovski gem stone to represent the colour of the chakra.

Finally, we see a wonderful collection of chakra bracelets, there is the option to purchase a silk bracelet in one of the seven chakra colours and a beautiful silver symbol or for those who prefer a metal bracelet, the silver chakra bracelet features the relative symbol and coloured Swarovski stone.

If you are looking for a chakra bracelet which features all seven of the chakras, Fervor has a beautifully designed bracelet which has all of the coloured stones, delicately hanging from a silver bangle.

The collection of chakra jewelry at Fervor Montréal is stylish and modern and is a great addition to any jewelry collection as well as being an excellent way to get in touch with your body and mind.