Can You Spend Too Much Time with Your Spouse?

Spending every minute of the day with your new partner is something we can all be guilty of at the start of a relationship. You feel good in each other’s presence; they make you smile more than ever before. Plus, they allow you to be affectionate and loving towards another person. Together, you want to spend all your time with them. It is exciting, sparks are flying and you simply cannot get enough.

But, something people often ask is, can you spend too much time with your spouse? You should know that it is not always healthy to be around your spouse 24/7. Let’s explore this topic so that you can have a healthy and long-lasting relationship.

Too Much Can Be Detrimental

People assume you should spend all your time with the person you love most. Sure, you definitely want to spend time with each other and connect. But, too much time can take the spark away from your relationship. Remember they often say that distance makes the heart grow fonder. We are not saying that you have to spend days and weeks apart from your spouse. But, when you are spending every minute with them, this is when things become mundane and unexciting.

Focus Should Be on Quality Time

Instead, healthy and long-lasting relationships are said to focus on spending quality time together. In other words, having frequent date nights and time away from the kids. This is the time you focus on each other and have new experiences. For example, do something exciting and out of the ordinary. Head to and book a couples massage. Go to your favorite local restaurant and treat yourself to dessert. The focus should be on connecting in that moment and putting the stress of daily life behind you for a few hours.

Hints You Need to Spend More Time Apart

Are you starting to question whether you are joined at the hip with your spouse? Currently, you may think this is not a problem. However, this could change with time. Let’s talk about some signs that you need to spend more time apart to keep your relationship healthy.

Friends Say They Miss You

Have your friends made remarks about never seeing you recently or that the miss you? This could be a subtle hint that you are always with your partner. For example, you might be that person that skips friend reunions to spend time with your loved one. Alternatively, you may always bring them along and not spend time catching up with your friends. If your friends want to see you more, take this as a hint you should make some changes. You do not want to resent your partner later on if you lose your friendships.

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Easily Irritated by Your Spouse

People think that it is normal for your spouse to irritate you. Sure, when you are with somebody for a long time, this can happen. You get comfortable with them and you are able to voice behaviors that are annoying to you. But, another reason why you can be easily irritated by your spouse is because you are spending too much time with them. If you are spending every waking moment with them, little things can get to you. This could be the way they eat or how they breathe. This is a sign that you need to spend time apart during the day.

You Miss Your Hobbies

Do you not have time for your favorite hobbies because you are always doing activities with your spouse? This is a sign that you need time apart. You should always be able to enjoy the activities you love. You should not have to give them up. Again, this can eventually lead to resentment. Therefore, take some time away to enjoy your hobbies. Know that if your spouse loves you, they are going to encourage you to do this. They will also be there when you get back.

You Feel Lost Without Them

Missing someone when you are away from them is natural. Specifically, if you love your partner. But, it is a different story if you feel completely lost without them by your side. This could indicate you are in a dependent and unhealthy relationship. You should not struggle to be on your own. If you ever broke up, this would be a huge concern. Indeed, it means that you have to practice being apart. Doing activities solo is good for you and you have to remember to have your own life.