9 Strategic Marketing Tips for Stylists Who Want to Stand Out

Fashion is far from static —it is constantly changing. And as a stylist, adding new faces to your client roster will help you ride through the ups and downs of the industry.

No matter where you are in your career, convincing people to choose you over your competitors can be quite the challenge. If you price your services too low, people will doubt the quality of your work. Price them too high, and you’ll drive the budget-conscious customer base away. There’s just no winning.

Or so you think.

Take the time to brush up on your marketing with these tried-and-true tips. It will help you generate buzz around your services, increase visibility and awareness, and attract a fashion-forward client base.

1. Maintain an Aesthetic Presence on Social Media

To attract clients with the promise of top-notch fashion, make sure your social media accounts reflect that. This will ensure a solid first impression, establish your brand image and personality, and cultivate trust.

You can keep it modern and minimalist to convey timeless sophistication, warm and cozy to highlight comfort, or bright with a touch of chaos to stand out from the crowd. A luxurious aesthetic emphasizes exclusivity, and a bit of whimsy will attract potential clients who prioritize fun.

You can even dabble in Bohemian to appeal to your audience’s wanderlust with a love for all things nature—so many possibilities abound!

2. Post Informative Content

Over 70% of consumers prefer to learn about companies through articles instead of ads, which demonstrates that content really is king. That’s why stylists must have a robust content marketing strategy to maintain an edge over their competition.

Some popular categories to talk about on social media or your blog include:

  • Style guides
  • Fashion hacks
  • Outfit inspirations
  • Latest trend reports
  • Quotes related to your niche
  • Care, maintenance, and storage of clothing items
  • Understanding patterns and textiles

Videos are interactive, engaging, and easier to understand—this is why they’re some of the best-performing content nowadays.

Delivering valuable content will help you gain traction, keep audiences engaged, and generate high-quality leads as you position yourself as an authority in your niche.

3. Share Behind-the-Scenes Content

Show the human side of your profession and create a sense of community by posting behind-the-scenes content that captures your creativity in the best light. Sneak peek of the styling process and fitting sessions with before-and-after pictures. Go live on Instagram as you work with a client (with their permission, of course!)

Humans are visual creatures who remember 80% of what they see, so this could go a long way to help your audience feel more engaged and involved with your work.

4. Use Hashtags

Incorporating relevant hashtags in your content across platforms will increase exposure, visibility, and chances of appearing on for-you pages. They also invite user-generated content, making it a powerful tool for a stylist who wants to make a name in the fashion biz.

Use #OOTD, #styleinspo, #style, #trend, #fashionblogger, #fashion, #designer to start. You can also create your own hashtag to aid categorization.

5. Increase Your Visibility with SEO

You can do all the right things—posting at the right time and about the right topics with high-quality graphics and videos and still not gain much traction. The competition is fierce, and the best way to come on top is by tapping into SEO.

Your web pages will rank higher on search engines, grow your online presence organically, establish credibility, and become a trusted source for all things fashion.

6. Share Testimonials

Around 72% of clients have said that positive reviews and testimonials help establish trust. Share good feedback from past clients to have new prospects dying to try out your services!

7. Team Up with Influencers

69% of people trust recommendations from friends, family members, or influencers. This explains why ad spending on influencers is projected to reach $30.81 billion in 2023. Jump on that bandwagon and partner with genuine, relatable influencers who align with your aesthetics and values.

A fruitful collaboration will:

  • Help you gain credibility and trust.
  • Bring a fresh audience.
  • Increase interest in your services.

Friendly advice: Micro-influencers charge less and have concentrated audiences in their niche, so you will gain greater engagement rates at a relatively low cost.

8. Tap Into Offline Marketing

Fashion posters are fantastic vehicles to promote your services and events. You can post them online and print them out to put up everywhere! They will help you grab the attention of prospects and trigger their curiosity about your offerings.

9. Create Exclusivity

94% of consumers take advantage of exclusive offers, so incentivize prospects to book your services and reinvent their looks. Ask them to send their email addresses in exchange for a sweet discount. You can later use contact details to push even more deals and improve your client relationships.

Take Home Message:

These marketing strategies will go a long way to boost your thriving career in the fashion industry. Use tools like PosterMyWall to your benefit and put your best foot forward in this image-centric world.