5 Perfect Gift Ideas for Young Fashionistas

Fashion pieces bring colours and interest to our lives. It is not only seen in the clothes that we wear. Fashion can also include our choice of hairstyle and hair colour, together with the bags, accessories, jewelleries that we wear together with our favourite clothes.

Building a fashionista closet needs not be expensive. There are many brands that are less expensive but can still add personality and style to your everyday look. If you find yourself stuck in finding a gift for young fashionistas, this list can help you land with the perfect gift for your fashion forward loved one.

Fashion Design Activity Kit

Fashion is not limited to clothes alone. It is also an opportunity to discover if a person has talent in creating and designing fashion pieces on their own. A design art activity kit would be the perfect gift you can give to a young fashionista. Let them explore their creativity as they design their own fashion pieces.

Sequined Pouch

Beautiful bags bring joy to anyone, regardless of age, race and gender. A nice sequined pouch would be a friendly yet hip fashion piece you can give to a budding fashionista. It can be a storage for their starter make-up kits, accessories or even their little fashion trinkets.

Statement Earrings 

Another fashion piece perfect for gift giving would be trendy statement earrings Australia based jewellers love to make. It can be the start of a young fashionista’s accessory collection. The good thing about these pieces is that they are made of high-quality materials and can last longer. They can enjoy wearing the fashion piece even when they grow older. The best part, they are less expensive than other types of jewelry like gold and silver, but are still very fashionable.

Personalised Name Necklace

Another ideal gift for the budding fashionista is the personalised name necklace. Although the trend comes and goes, it is a fashion statement that always goes in trend that every generation gets to enjoy. Whether in silver, gold or other metals, it is a perfect gift for any occasion. The timeless design is also a winner and can be forever treasured by its receiver.

Scarf and Shawl

Also you might see a scarf as a fashion piece for the older generation, there are many young and hip designs that can be perfect even for younger fashion fanatics. Some scarfs feature hoodies, super warm and can be used as a hat or scarf at the same time. A few trinkets can also add personality when pinned into these fashion items. It is a lasting gift a young fashion icon would love to receive.

There are many types of fashion pieces perfect for gift giving for the younger generation. Looking into their current fashion collection to get an idea of what they need and what their style preferences are to be able to arrive at better ideas for gift giving for these fashion forward little ones.