5 Best Waterproof Travel Shoes You’ll Want and Need

Travel shoes have to withstand a lot more than everyday shoes. Flimsy sandals and slip-on loafers are fine for trips to the supermarket or a day in the office.

But trips to Europe and a day walking six hours around London? Only the top waterproof travel shoes will do!

The best travel shoes should be versatile, comfortable, hard-wearing, and breathable. They should also pack small and withstand most weather conditions. Oh, and they should look great in all your photographs, too.

Here are some of the best waterproof travel shoes so wet feet don’t put a dampener on your travel memories!

Hiking Shoes

Let’s start with the best shoes for outdoor activities. If you are planning a trip that involves hiking, walking, or camping then waterproof hiking shoes are a must.

No other type of shoe will provide the support and comfort you need while doing these activities. Wear hiking shoes with athletic leggings, waterproof pants, and thick (but breathable) merino wool socks!

There are two types of waterproof travel shoes suitable for hiking:

  • Shoes made with an outer layer and an inner membrane
  • Shoes made with natural leather

One type is not better than the other. The most important thing to remember when choosing waterproof hiking boots for travel is to consider the materials.

Sports-style, modern hiking books have an inner, waterproof membrane such as Gore-Tex. This helps keep the boot breathable and light yet dry.

And the outer layer could be any material that looks pretty. But it is usually treated with durable water repellent.

Traditional hiking boots are made with natural full-grain or nubuck leather. They are durable and have fewer seams but they are heavy and hard to break in.

Choose high-quality, highly-rated hiking boots that will last you years.

Alligator Hide Boots

As suggested above, leather is a naturally waterproof material. It makes the best shoes for waterproof traveling.

Even if you’re not hiking or taking part in outdoor activities, leather boots are perfect for other types of travel. Whether you are walking around cities or hitting up bars, rain could strike at any time.

Alligator boots are made with alligator hide leather. No two alligator hides are the same so they make unique and fashionable boots. They are the perfect men’s waterproof shoes for everyday activities and will last for years.

Wear them with jeans, jean jackets, jean hats, jean socks, anything made out of denim!

If you’re interested in learning more about the quality and authenticity of the materials, read more here.

Stylish Rubber Boots

Rubber boots are generally not great travel shoes. They are bulky, uncomfortable, and don’t look great. But the material they are made from (rubber or polyvinyl chloride) is very waterproof.

Luckily, you can combine the waterproof material of rain boots with the style of Chelsea or biker boots. Style them with your favorite dresses, skirts, and skinny jeans.

The positives are that these boots are more stylish and you can wear them for both day and nighttime activities. This is an essential quality when you can only pack so many pairs of shoes.

Boots aren’t as comfortable or breathable as other waterproof travel shoes. But you could wear thick socks to improve comfort. And considering most people don’t wear boots in summer, breathability isn’t as much of an issue.

These are definitely one of the best types of women’s waterproof shoes for travel.


If you are traveling in summer, waterproof sneakers make great travel shoes. Sandals and flip-flops are great for beach vacations, but not for city breaks. And not everywhere has rain-free weather in summer.

Visit Ireland in August and you’ll find out!

Sneakers are ideal for exploring cities, theme parks, and most light activities. If you choose stylish ones, they also make great bar-hopping shoes too.

Wear your sneakers with shorts, beachwear, and even sports blazers. Sneakers are great shoes to dress up or down.

Waterproof sneakers have a similar design to modern waterproof hiking boots. They will have an inner, waterproof membrane and an outer layer to look pretty. But you can add extra waterproof protection.

Though sometimes the outer layer will be leather. In which case, the sneakers will be very waterproof, but not breathable. That isn’t desirable for warm-weather travel shoes.

Choose waterproof travel sneakers made of Gore-Tex. Polyurethane is another material used as an inner waterproof membrane, but it’s not breathable.

Water Shoes

This is a niche type of waterproof travel shoe. But depending on your choice of travel, water shoes or pool shoes are life-savers.

Water shoes are exactly as they sound. Shoes you wear in the water!

They are useful for beach vacations and water-based activities. Any trip where you will be sailing or kayaking, walking in the sea, or walking along the beach.

Flipflops are alternatives but they aren’t great at staying on your feet. Plus, they will not protect your feet from cuts and scrapes.

Water shoes are either made of technical materials such as Techlite or rubber. They have small holes on the sides to expel water keeping them light and durable.

If you spend a lot of time on beaches or in the water on your travels, water shoes are a must. You cannot emerge sneakers and boots in pools or the sea often because they are not made for those activities.

Sneakers will soon fall apart, but pool shoes won’t. And you can style them with swimwear, board shorts, and a natural tan!

Waterproof Travel Shoes: Look Good and Stay Dry

Don’t let bad footwear choices ruin your trip. Climb that mountain, walk around that city, and do that activity. With the right waterproof travel shoes, you can go far, literally!

No matter what type of trip you are taking, you won’t regret investing in great quality travel shoes.

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