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What Goes Best With Silver Jewelry

What Goes Best With Silver Jewelry

Do you prefer to wear silver jewelry instead of gold, diamonds, and pearls? If you do, then you have an incredible sense of style. Silver is so sophisticated and chic, that it creates an elegant appearance no matter what kind of outfit you’re wearing.

However, you have to coordinate your silver properly in order for it to look good. Read on to learn how to do so.

Clothing to Pair with Silver Jewelry

You don’t have to worry too much about what to wear with silver because it complements a variety of clothing. Here are some of the most common styles that pair nicely with silver jewelry:


Black and silver jewelry go hand-in-hand. Nothing brings out a silver necklace like a black ensemble. Silver has such a clean look, which is why it pairs well with the sleekness of black. Actually, a silver necklace is the best accessory to wear with black outfits. It becomes the focal point of your ensemble, which highlights the incredible coordination between the two.

Dark colors

Black isn’t the only color that pairs well with silver jewelry. Other dark pigments like navy blue, forest green, and burgundy also coordinate with it. Since silver is a light color, it has the most impact when it’s coupled with dark pigments.

It’s also a great way to spruce up deep hues. Sometimes dark colors can tend to look a bit gloomy by themselves, but adding silver jewelry boosts the overall look of the outfit.


It’s easy to coordinate with silver because the design is so simple. The good news is, you don’t always have to pair silver with plain colors. Even if you are wearing floral print or other patterns, your silver necklace and earrings won’t clash with it.

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How to Wear Silver

Since silver jewelry is so gorgeous, there are a few things you can do to really enhance the look of your ensemble, such as:

Silver With a Pop of Color

Silver isn’t just about simplicity. You can also dress it up and have a little fun. There are silver jewelry pieces that have colorful stones inside that will spruce up the look of your outfit.

Keep in mind that if you do choose to wear colorful jewelry, do so with plain pigments like white, black, and tan.

Large Silver Jewelry

Another great thing about silver is that it has such a sleek look, that you can wear large, bulky accessories without overdoing it. For instance, if you are wearing an outfit that’s on the dressier side, then wearing a bold silver necklace is a great idea.

You can even do it with your earrings. Silver chandelier-style earrings look absolutely amazing and help to enhance any sophisticated look.

Layered Silver Jewelry

Another great way to wear silver is to layer it. There are many silver necklace designs that use necklaces to create one big masterpiece. This type of jewelry looks nice with loose-fitting shirts and dresses.

You can incorporate the layering method with bracelets as well. Silver bangles pair really nicely with almost any outfit.

Low-Cut Top

Silver jewelry complements every type of skin tone. If you are wearing a low-cut top that exposes the upper part of your chest, wearing a silver necklace helps to decorate that bare area. Not only that, but it’ll look nice lying on top of your skin.

What Not to Wear With Silver Jewelry

Although silver looks amazing with most outfits, there are certain things it doesn’t look good with, such as the following:


This suggestion is not to imply that silver and white can’t go together at all. However, it needs to be done in a certain way.

If you choose to wear silver jewelry with white, put on silver accessories that have a little bit of color in them. If you have on a white shirt and a silver necklace, the two colors will blend in with one another.

The same goes for silver earrings and bracelets. When you wear your silver jewelry, you want it to bring out your outfit or make the accessory the star of your ensemble. But if you wear a color that clashes with it—the outfit won’t look good.

Neutral Colors

Not only does silver not look good with white, but it doesn’t look good with other soft colors like tan and beige. Again, silver jewelry coordinates best with colors where it can really stand out. So try to avoid neutral colors and pastel colors as well.

Bright Colors

Bright colors and silver don’t mix well either. For example, if you have on a bright yellow shirt, it would pair better with gold instead of silver. You can also apply that to colors like pink and orange.

Wearing silver with bold colors makes the entire outfit collide together.

If you have a very thin silver necklace or small silver earrings, then you can get away with it. Just try to avoid large pieces of silver jewelry when wearing bright colors.

The Silver Jewelry Style Guide

As you already know, silver makes the best accessories. It’s so crisp and sophisticated that it has the ability to enhance the look of any outfit. But the key to making silver jewelry look amazing is to pair it perfectly. It should enhance your outfit, not clash with it.

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